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Welcome to Pixus 3D

Online store of forms for the independent production of decorative stone, facade tiles and 3D panels (gypsum, concrete)

The young, developing company Pixus 3D, is engaged in the manufacture of forms for decorative tiles, artificial stone and 3D panels, as well as the production of gypsum tiles and concrete facade tiles.

It is enough to buy a mold for the independent manufacture of 3D panels or artificial stone, and your costs will instantly pay off several times.

There is no need to have professional skills and expensive equipment in order to produce 3D panels or stone yourself. Even if you will be working with plaster for the first time, we are 100% sure that you will succeed - no problem.

You can try making decorative tiles at home. But for the large-scale production of artificial stone or 3D panels, you will need:

The room with heating and ventilation - for small volumes - 10-20 sq.m.
To clean molds and paint decorative stone or 3D panels, water is required. You can do without it, although a small well in the neighborhood will not be superfluous.
Shelves for drying gypsum or concrete products. Drying may take 24 to 48 hours.
Molds for artificial stone or molds for 3D panels
The forms we produce for 3D panels and gypsum tiles are low cost, durable and easy to use. We make plastic molds from ABS plastic.

Forms for a decorative stone. Production of models (matrices) by Pixus 3D specialists:
The design specialist, on paper, sets out his imagination, forming the initial project.
The project is undergoing approval. At this point, it is decided whether this project should be further.
After the project is approved, the production manager analyzes it.
Then the matrix is ​​cut out on a milling machine according to the model designed in the program.
Nuances of the model are finalized by hands
That's all. Models are sent to a vacuum molding machine, where they produce molds for decorative tiles or molds for 3D panels from ABS plastic by vacuum molding.
Why does Pixus 3D use ABS plastic molds in mold manufacturing?

The interior decoration of any modern car is made of ABS plastic. This is the answer to the question.

ABS plastic is quite flexible and at the same time very strong. Plastic easily copes with the influence of concrete on our molds and working with it is a pleasure. Withstands about 200-500 fill cycles.

Advantages of ABS plastic:

Impeccable durability;
Portability of any casting solutions and materials;
Low cost;
Clear transfer of the picture to the product;

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